About Anders Mathlein.

I am a freelance writer and cartoonist. I have published about a dozen books, including novels, short stories and travel writing. As a travel writer, I have written extensively about Oceania and the Pacific islands, and my work has been published in leading newspapers and magazines in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

In English, I call my cartoon character Besserwisser Mr Ian Knewit. He is a man who is always right, even when he is dead wrong. No matter what the subject is, or whom he is talking to - he will always come off best. The cartoon has been published in more than a dozen newspapers and magazines in Sweden and Norway. I have also produced the cartoon Snapshot for Foto, the major Swedish photo magazine. It has also been published in Super Photo Prática in Portugal.

Among my recent books are handbooks – inspired by Stephen Potter´s famous but somewhat antiquated ”Upmanship” - in the art of dealing with those arrogant, patronizing people whom you most likely are unfortunate enough to meet more often than you find bearable.


In 2008, I published ”Feel bad”, a book which challenges unreflected optimism, represented by hoards of lifestyle coaches, feel good-films and positive thinking campaigns. In an entertaining way, I reflect on different aspects of pessimism and argues that you very well may be a pessimist without being depressed.

My latest book, published in November 2012, is a collection of essays on travel and our ever- present longing for being somwhere else.  

A collection of my cartoon Besserwisser is published by Kartago.

                                                                             Photo by Susanne Kronholm
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